Ultrra Detox can be used by people of all ages over 16 years old. However, since a Detox mobilizes toxins to eliminate them from the body, it is not recommended for people undergoing chemotherapy, and pregnant or breastfeeding women to do any type of Detox.

A detoxification is very different from a laxative. Laxatives are typically used to force bowel movements. Ultrra Detox focuses on liver health, creating a suction effect to eliminate toxin buildup from the liver, eventually throughout the rest of the body. This is one of the reasons why most people will have gallstones released when using Ultrra Detox.

Slim is a multifaceted product that focuses on more than just weight loss. Ultrra Slim blocks carbohydrates and fats from being absorbed from the foods we consume, while stimulating the production of lean muscle and energy. The combination of these actions allows for firmer and healthier skin, maintaining ideal fitness levels.

Enzymes are how the body breaks down food and transports nutrients to different systems in the body. When your systems have the necessary nutrients, in other words, fuel, they function at optimal levels. Your body already knows how to stay in shape, it is the lack of enzymes, deficiencies in our system, that cause weight gain and other weight-related problems. In short, you are what you absorb, and enzymes are necessary for effective nutrient absorption!

Ideally, when you focus on weight management and fitness goals, Slim and Enzymes are designed to work synergistically together, with Slim focusing on increasing lean muscle development while blocking fats and carbohydrates in foods and Enzymes helping to break down food faster for better nutrient absorption. Taking one Slim capsule and one Enzyme capsule 15 minutes before a meal is all it takes for this synergy.

To build muscle, two things are needed. Protein and the ability to synthesize and absorb that protein to produce lean muscle. Ultrra Pro Shakes, combined with Ultrra Slim and Ultrra Enzymes, work together to allow the body to do exactly that. It is recommended to start with Ultrra Detox to cleanse anything that slows down the system before using the Pro Shake / Slim / Enzyme combination.

Ultrra Element R5 is specifically designed to focus on joint health. As we age, and with repeated movements or pressure on our joints, we wear down the cartilage in our joints. This friction ends up being a type of inflammation that causes pain. R5 helps promote joint health by supporting cartilage regeneration and keeping cartilage nice and "fluffy" using a combination of MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, and Colostrum. These elements are the building blocks of healthy cartilage in the body. Additionally, the Ultrra Rare essential oil blend called Recover helps to soothe and relax areas of the body, promoting the elimination of pain in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Recover is a blend of topical essential oils from unique and rare plants of mother nature, simply apply a few drops of Recover to the affected area and rub it in. You will feel the effects in minutes!

The most important step is to return balance to the body. 90% of the reason we have the body we live with today is due to the foods we consume and how our body processes those foods. Only 10% is related to the gym and exercise. This means that once you give the body what it needs and nothing slows down the function of our systems, we start to feel and look better. The first step is to eliminate toxins and buildups from the liver using Ultrra Detox, which starts the domino effect towards better health. Then, Slim and Pro Shake, along with Enzymes, are the perfect combination of Ultrra products for weight management and weight loss.

The term supplement means to compensate for a lack or deficiency. The foods we consume today are so processed that they lack the necessary nutrients. An example of this would be using spinach: to get the same nutrients today you would have to consume 28 bowls of spinach, compared to JUST ONE bowl of spinach 25 years ago. A deficiency in one or more nutrients in our body leads to inflammation, which if it continues long enough can become a cause of disease, even leading to death. That is why supplements are important. You are what you eat, and more importantly, what you absorb.