About Us

Be Your Best: With this idea the company set out to develop the world’s first high impact, immediately gratifying supplement line, a first class compensation plan, and complete cloud based platform with infrastructure to expand around the world. January 1, 2011 marked the beginnings of our journey as we pioneer and build the most admired company in the world

Ultrra takes care of logistics, products, inventory & shipping.
Generous profit sharing Compensation Plan.
Professionally-designed personal replicated website.
No personal purchasing requirements.


To grow human potential, and advance society to achieve great things through scientifically documented products produced through the power of nature


To inspire humanity is to conitnously give back and build a world in which we discover how great of a difference one person can make

Our Team

Waffa Escudero

Chief Operations Officer

Gonzalo Lira Lenero

VP of Marketing LATAM

Xiao Chen

Director of Field Support

Ferdinand Villamor

Director of Media & Branding